At DQSI, we develop solutions for our customers based on the end product use, safety requirements, customer plant manufacturing processes and cost targets. We don't make assumptions. Instead, we ask questions to ensure that we understand each individual customer's needs. After all, understanding is the key to developing effective and successful solutions. Our customized process allows us to design solutions that optimize safety, cost and quality of parts.

DQSI's complete turnkey approach (from concept initiation through volume production) significantly reduces the time and effort expended by our customers, enabling them to focus on other matters.

In some cases, our customers have a specific design in mind. Others just know broadly what they're trying to accomplish. Either way, our team of sales executives and professional engineers can design and engineer custom solutions. We can receive customers' designs electronically, or we can design based on an actual part or part print.

We specialize in design, prototype development, manufacturing, modification and repair of containers and racks, including dunnage.

Delivering quality products and services on time at competitive prices is the mission of DQSI.

Other services include tooling, fixture/jigs, CNC machining, CMM inspection, hardness testing, part etching, equipment rebuilding, auto CAD design and warehousing.

TOOLING – Precision and production machining

DESIGN – Fully staffed with Design Engineers, Window based Pentium class workstations with solid edge v15.   Partnership for use of CATIA and Solidworks

PROTOTYPES – Fully staffed Prototype department solely dedicated to prototype work. Complete fabrication capabilities

NEW CONTAINER AND RACK PRODUCTION – Metal fabrication, production Mig Welding, complete paint finishing process, production saw cutting, dunnage fabrication and assembly

MODIFICATIONS – Major or minor modifications performed per customer specifications on existing racks or containers

REPAIRS – Damaged containers can, in many cases, be repaired to "like new" condition for much less than the cost of buying new ones.   Skilled professionals remove the old, damaged parts from containers and racks, weld on new parts, re-weld loose wires and other metal parts, and repaint, striving to make containers as "like new" as possible.  Best of all -- the cost of repairing the containers is a fraction of the cost of new ones.